Building global business platforms using cutting-edge Israeli technology


About AGP


Based in Tel Aviv and Boston, AGP is a growth investment platform that commercializes and scales Israeli innovation. Leveraging our deep connections to the Israeli defense industry, and our strong relationships with large U.S. corporations, we identify profoundly advanced “leapfrog” technologies in Israel, and bring them to market in non-military sectors globally. We are flexible in how we deploy capital and resources, and look to collaborate with value-added partners who bring complementary and relevant insights, expertise and experience to each particular situation.



Our Platforms

We typically focus on sectors where we have an unfair advantage; namely: exclusive access to a “leapfrog” Israeli technology or capability, unique access to U.S. demand for that capability, and the distinct benefit of leveraging our presence and relationships in both Israel and the U.S. Our current platforms include:



Our Team

AGP is comprised of founders who have differentiated expertise in every core strategic operational area needed during the lifecycle of our portfolio businesses: Sourcing investment opportunities; advising and managing businesses and their management teams through various stages of maturity; securing necessary financing; forming strategic partnerships suitable for particular ventures; and executing liquidity transactions at the appropriate time. See our team here.


Accelerating the impact of Israeli technology throughout the world.