About Aviv Growth Partners

Based in Tel Aviv and Boston, AGP is a growth investment platform that commercializes and scales Israeli innovation.

We look for opportunities in growth markets where we have an unfair advantage, including: Unique access to a profound Israeli technology or capability; unique insights into U.S. corporate and market demand for that capability; unique ability to leverage our presence and relationships in both Israel and the U.S.; and the unique ability to leverage the diverse expertise of our founders.

Why work with us

No other firm can bring you U.S. corporate experience, feet-on-the ground in Israel, and investment capital. We provide:

  1. Experienced U.S.-based innovation experts who can quickly grasp and convey your technology-acquisition needs.

  2. A senior team in Israel with 30+ years of experience and deep networks who can source specific technologies you need.

  3. Our own investment fund to co-invest with you in companies of mutual interest, or to commercialize technologies.