Why Israel?


You’ve likely heard the story of “Startup Nation.” In fact, Israel is:

#1 globally in per-capita R&D spending;

#1 globally in startup density per capita;

#1 globally in VC investment per capita;

#1 globally in the number of engineers and technologists per capita;

#2 in the number of startups (second only to Silicon Valley).

#2 in global investor confidence (second only to U.S.)

#3 country in world innovation (World Economic Forum)

Aviv Growth Partners, through its deep connections to the Israeli innovation economy and defense establishment, provides large U.S. companies with access to advanced technologies.

So stop scouting startups, and forget startup tourism. Let us help you solve your most vexing R&D challenges, with technology that has literally been battle tested.

To discuss how your company can access these technologies, please email us at concierge@avivgrowth.com.