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This too shall pass: Opportunities for Israeli startups in a post-COVID world.

The research and insight below was published during the heart of the pandemic, in early 2020. We keep it here as many of the predictions made hold true, representing ongoing opportunities for Israeli startups.

The short-term impact of COVID-19 has been profound, but its long-term impact will reverberate far beyond the current pandemic. These changes are causing significant market disruption but will ultimately unlock extraordinary opportunities for Israeli innovators, whose distinctive advantages and sector expertise will provide an unfair advantage over others. 
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While social distancing, we’ve been collaborating on “what comes next” with our friends in U.S. corporations, the Israeli defense industry, and the Israeli startup ecosystem. Using time between handwashing and screen-watching, we’ve been trying to focus on the future, rather than the 24-hour news cycle. 


With this context, we would like to share our thoughts on three post-Coronavirus trends to prepare for and profit from. We start with key trends, and conclude with action items for Israeli innovators.



The pandemic of COVID-19 will accelerate the need for patients, employees, college students, medical practitioners, seniors, family members and others to self-monitor and self-report across a broad spectrum of applications. 


Remote monitoring and reporting, or RMR, portends to be a major priority across sectors. This will include classic telemedicine functions: biometric measurements, triage, remote evaluation and oversight, remote laboratory services, and more. The trend comes just as new healthcare data interoperability rules in the U.S. create opportunities in health data extraction, normalization, and intelligence.


And as RMR becomes pervasive, new financial tools will be needed that sync with global healthcare infrastructure, or the “plumbing” of payment. These core capabilities of the Israeli startup ecosystem, including cybersecurity and digital health, will put Israeli innovators at a competitive advantage. Among the areas of opportunity:

  • Remote Reporting Tools 

  • Self-Reporting Tools

  • Remote Assessment Tools 

  • In-Home Sensors 

  • In-Home Communications

  • Miniaturized Sensors

  • Remote Lab Services

  • Chronic Disease Support

  • Glucose, Blood Monitors

  • AI/ML Tools


As always, we’re eager to meet with Israeli startups and entrpreneurs with expertise in these capabilities. Please contact our Ra’anana-based partner Israeli Ganot to discuss further.



Teleconferencing, Telemetry, Telecommuting, IoT. These are not new terms, but never before has virtual presence been so relevant to our personal and work lives. 


The connected workplace was already a priority for our corporate clients, but the topic assumes a higher level of importance as corporate America comes to grips with a post-Coronavirus world in which employees will increasingly work from home. 


This will accelerate as companies realize the surprising and unanticipated productivity gains and cost reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic, including decreased real estate, travel, insurance, and healthcare expenditures. 


And it will create unique opportunities for Israeli innovators as connected devices, machines and infrastructure — already increasingly linked — require additional access, monitoring, management and safeguarding.

  • Secure Live Communications

  • Remote Sensors

  • IoT Innovations

  • Workflow Optimization Tools

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Project Management Tools

  • Unified Communication

  • VR/AR

  • AI Human Resource Tools

  • AI/ML Optimization Tools


Again, please contact Israel Ganot if your Israeli startup has capabilities or expertise in these areas.




After more than three decades of shifting jobs to low cost labor markets (e.g., China, India, etc.) rather than investing in efficiency enhancement technologies, many American corporates are now regretting this decision. While some will remain committed to off-shoring strategies, we expect that market movers will look towards on-shoring and near-shoring options, from which Israel can benefit. 


These market movers are actively seeking Israeli-developed technologies and capabilities that will accelerate this shift.  In addition, COVID-19 has laid bare a material weakness: Reliance on 20th century systems and processes. 


Supply-chain transformation is a renewed priority across industries — from Agriculture and Airlines, to Automotive and Electronics — and Israeli innovators with logistics, tracking, and AI solutions related to geolocation and risk management are well positioned to capitalize on this trend.

  • Tagging & Tracking

  • Embedded Sensors

  • Blockchain Solutions 

  • Geolocation and RFID

  • Autonomous Freight

  • Robotics

  • Near-Shoring Production

  • Logistics

  • Fleet Optimization

  • AI/ML Risk Evaluation


As with the other areas of opportunity listed above, we are eager to speak with you if your Israel-based company has technologies or capabilities in these areas. Please contact Israel Ganot, or reach out to anyone on our team.

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