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On April 19, we will host the latest in our livestream series for Israeli startups, featuring executives at U.S. enterprises. Our latest session will be with Gil Moran, Vice President and Head of Direct-to-Consumer and Media Strategy at the National Football League. We'll discuss some of the NFL's business challenges, how the NFL works with startups, and more. It's free, so hope you can join us! Register to attend.


We recently held a conversation with Adam Schouela, Head of Emerging Technology at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology. At FCAT, Schouela leads an international team of technologists who focus on rapidly building both products and PoCs across a wide range of technologies, from blockchain and AI to AR. If you missed the session and want to learn more about what Fidelity is working on, and how they work with Israeli startups, contact AGP partners Scott Cohen.


We recently held an intimate conversation with Uber Health's first-ever Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Cantor. Dr. Cantor, who is leading development of new technologies and partnerships focused on access to care, briefed Israeli startups on key opportunities and priorities for Uber Health. If you missed the session and want to learn more, contact AGP partner Scott Cohen.


We spoke to senior executives at the top hospital systems and insurance companies in the U.S., and identified three opportunities that may run counter to assumptions and predictions propagated by pundits, consultants, and so-called “experts” in the startup community, including other venture capital firms. Read more.


Recent Webcast on successfully partnering with U.S. corporations.

This webcast has been concluded, but in April 2022 we hosted an exclusive conversation with award-winning journalist, reporter, and innovation expert Scott Kirsner, who shared insights and data from a report he conducted with MIT on the changing landscape of corporate-startup engagement. If you're interested in learning about what was covered, contact AGP partner Scott Cohen.

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The recent news that there are 70+ Israeli unicorns is, quite simply, staggering. This development is fueling a massive geoeconomic orientation towards Tel Aviv — one with unique opportunities and challenges for U.S. startups, corporations, venture capital firms, and policymakers. Read more.

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An FDA-primer for Israeli digital health startups: What you need to know.

This webcast was concluded, but we recently hosted a remarkable session with Steven Silverman, former compliance chief at the FDA's medical device center, and former head of FDA and regulatory affairs at the largest medical device association in the U.S. If you missed it, contact AGP partner Scott Cohen.

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Six opportunities for Israeli ecommerce startups, from an executive at Wayfair.

This webcast was concluded, but we recently hosted an informative session with Matt Zisow, Vice President and Global Head of Consumer Product, Design and Analytics at Wayfair. Matt described six transformational opportunities he's been tracking, each of which were relevant to Israeli core capabilities. If you missed it, contact AGP partner Scott Cohen.

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While the research and insights in this brief document were published during the heart of the pandemic, in early 2020, many of the predictions made still hold true. As such, they represent ongoing opportunities for Israeli startups we've been re-validating with U.S. enterprises on a regular basis. Read more.

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Exec at $285B Unitedhealth Group on opportunities for Israeli healthcare startups.

This webcast was concluded, but we recently hosted an informative session with Richard Dale, the president of OptumLabs, which is the innovation and R&D center inside one of the largest healthcare players in the world. Richard discussed, among other things, his innovation priorities and needs. If you missed it, contact AGP partner Scott Cohen.

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This research and insight was published during the heart of the pandemic, in April 2020. We keep it available online, as we believe it showcases lessons for the U.S. healthcare system from Israel's coordinated response, which integrated expertise from the defense, intelligence and healthcare sectors. It also provided three specific examples of technologies having immediate impact. Read more.

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