Our Platforms

We typically focus on sectors where we have an unfair advantage; namely: exclusive access to a “leapfrog” Israeli technology or capability, unique access to U.S. demand for that capability, and the distinct benefit of leveraging our presence and relationships in both Israel and the U.S. Our current platforms include:


A next-generation change-detection platform that leverages military-grade technology and advanced machine-learning algorithms. Available first to the U.S. property insurance market, AGP SKY will have profound implications for any industry that needs to track millimeter-precision changes to infrastructure over time, including the real estate, construction, and oil & gas industries.


A grid transformation tool that leverages artificial intelligence to optimize complex physical infrastructure. This technology, with origins deep inside Israeli defense intelligence, is being used to conduct smart-meter topology mapping; detect outages, interruptions and grid abnormalities; conduct intelligent phase balancing; and even provide real-time voltage and transformer tuning to manage loads and system losses.


AGP Med capitalizes on our relationships inside Israel’s advanced healthcare industry, while leveraging leapfrog Israeli IP in cybersecurity, fraud detection, artificial intelligence, and more. Among our first projects is a platform that enables payers and providers to securely access, pilot, and integrate thousands of digital health products, from telemedicine applications to AI solutions. The platform is includes single-sign, easy data integration, HL7 FHIR interoperability, and HIPAA & GDPR compliance, and can be integrated into EHR, payment and records-management systems.

For more information on any of our platforms, please contact concierge@avivgrowth.com and will get in touch as quickly as possible. Thank you.