Aviv Growth Partners has partnered with mature Israeli technology companies and groups inside the Israeli Ministry of Defense to provide access to systems that have literally been battle-tested over the last decade.

These are not risky or unproven “startup” technologies; rather, they are validated advanced capabilities that have been deployed by national governments for homeland security and other purposes.

Among the technologies we can provide to your organization:

  • Artificial Intelligence, including efficiency platforms for utilities, infrastructure, more 

  • Autonomous Vehicles, including robots and UAVs for factories, farms, and more 

  • Live Video Analysis, including detection of "anomalistic behavior” in warehouses, factories, hospitals

  • Power Systems, including innovative battery, control and charging solutions

  • Satellite and Image Processing, including change-detection at minute scale

  • Sensors, including miniaturized chemical, thermal, environmental, acoustic, radar-on-a-chip, and more

  • Smart City Systems, including proven smart grids, connected streets, autos, etc.

  • More …

To discuss how your company can access these technologies, please email us at concierge@avivgrowth.com or call 833-333-AVIV.