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We spend hundreds of hours with our U.S. corporate partners to understand their technology needs.

“AGP’s ‘pull’ strategy from the U.S. is unique in Israel, and is critical to ensuring the country’s growth.”


Daniel B. Shapiro

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel 


So, by the time we talk to your startup, we already know about U.S. companies that might need your tech.

“Because they have so many deep corporate relationship in the U.S., AGP knows where the puck is going.”


Oren Harnevo

Founder and CEO of Feel


As part of our process, we'll often introduce you to corporate executives before we even invest a penny.

“AGP introduced us to a $30 billion insurance giant before they even had formally decided to invest.”


Shirley Salzman

Founder and CEO of Seemetrics


And after we invest, we roll up our
on recruiting, marketing, introductions, or whatever you may need. 

“A lot of VCs will promise that they 'add value.' AGP is totally different. They don't say it ... they do it.”

tommy-barav copy.png

Tommy Barav

Founder and CEO of Magical


Want to learn more about our network of U.S. executives?
Let's talk so we can learn more about your company.

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